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Digitally connecting students, teachers, parents and colleges. Ensuring autonomy to students, strengthening the academic processes, encouraging cooperation and enhancing student’s university experience. Encrypting educational records, for the data safety of every individual.

E-Governance Beneficiary

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Total Colleges

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Built and customized


Our built-in machine learning and context-aware features guarantee that all the notifications and alerts are always delivered at the perfect moment.

Automated event tracking

Track your events automatically without switching between webpages and mobile applications.

Machine learning

Our machine learning algorithms are customized to give you reports on students, teachers and colleges performance

Smart notifications

Receive smart notifications exactly at the right moments when you need them

Easy-to-use interfaces on every platform


Since most of our features work in a completely automated way, you will mainly use our app for admission procedures, attendance records, class records, examination related information

Uniclare features


Our aim is to provide best-of-breed educational solutions leveraging Blockchain technology and connecting students to prospective employers across the globe.


Academic crerdencials will be made to be universally recognized and verifiable


Specific skill assertions can be verified and communicated with a digital badge

Student Records

Uniclare is using Blockchain to secure and share student records, storing an comprehensive learner record

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